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2024 Press Releases

View our press releases for 2024 below. We need your help to continue fighting for your rights. Please consider donating today to assist with the increasing costs of lobbying and fighting against proposed policies and procedures in Montgomery that will negatively affect your businesses.


ABC to meet on November 30th, Consider Delta-8 Cases


ABC will meet on November 30th in Montgomery. 

March 2, 2022 - Press Release

ABC Board takes Illegal Action with Implications of Putting Hundreds of Private Package Stores Out of Business Please consider donating to our Legal Fund so we can fight against these illegal actions in court.

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Year after year ABLA focuses on protecting the rights of beverage licensees, which includes correspondence with members of congress, both state and federal, in person testimony at ABC Board meetings and Congressional meetings, and more. This comes at a cost, but a worthy cost. Any additional contribution to our cause is greatly appreciated!